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Senior members

Biologics Discovery Team 1, Team leader Inyoung Song
The Biologics Discovery Team 1 is in charge of early stage research and development of new bio-drugs. He has participated in the development of Afstyla with the CEO since his tenure at SK Chemicals and is currently focused on developing next generation hemophilia treatments. We are pleased to introduce Inyoung Song, who joined Tiumbio with a firm belief in the CEO's leadership, who once again dreams of developing a new drug.
Preclinical Development Team, Team leader Jeongmin Seo
The Preclinical Development Team focuses on research activities to select candidate materials, profile selected candidate materials, and carry out various preclinical tests necessary for entering clinical trials. We are pleased to introduce Jeongmin Seo, who prides her research “efforts are for a good purpose and to help people.”
Chemistry Discovery Team, Team leader Sunmi Kim
The Chemistry Discovery Team utilizes organic and medicinal chemistry to evaluate and discover potential new drug candidates based on activity and potential as drugs, develops processes fit for large-scale synthesis, and produces clinical materials and controlling API specification. We are pleased to introduce Sunmi Kim, who has been conducting research and development of TU2670 as a candidate for endometriosis treatment, which is in the most advanced clinical stage in Tiumbio.
Target Discovery Team, Team leader Jaewon Choi
The Target Discovery Team reviews various targets to develop treatments for fibrosis and conducts research and development to develop targets as treatments using small molecules or antibodies. We are pleased to introduce Jaewon Choi, who joined Tiumbio with the purpose of transforming Tiumbio into a global biotech company.
Biologics Discovery Team 2, Team leader Changhwan Kim
The Biologics Discovery Team 2 develops samples that can be used for clinical trials from a drug development concept that can cure patients' diseases. We are pleased to introduce Changhwan Kim, who is leading the largest team in Tiumbio and is an expert with more than 20 years of researching and developing experience of biologics drugs.
Strategic Finance Division, CFO Hyunsil Koh
The Strategic Finance Division includes financial planning and human resources teams that perform tasks such as finance, accounting, HR, general affairs, We are pleased to introduce Hyunsil Koh, who oversees a wide scope of duties, often wears many hats, and operates a Bio-tech management office with a vision for the future.
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